Golden Triangle Tours

Tips On How You Should Plan Golden Triangle Tours

31 Mar, 2024

Indias Golden Triangle tours are among the most iconic travel trips globally. The classic visitor course takes you through some of the countrys most excellent places as you journey from Delhi to Agra, to Jaipur, and back to Delhi again.

The Golden Triangle tour is a fantastic way to witness a diverse part of India. For first-time visitors to India tours, its an effortless and set route that will help you into the relatively chaotic Indian journey scene.

Its accessible, its lovely, and its a fantastic travel itinerary. Heres our indispensable guide to the Golden Triangle India tours to encourage you to travel this iconic route. You can also book India tours to travel in a more comfortable way.

Indian Golden Triangle tours: Planning and Itinerary Tips

What is the Golden Triangle of India?

The Golden Triangle of India is among the countrys most famous and well-set traveler routes. Generally, the triangular way between three of the most classic Indian cities starts in Delhi, letting visitors fly in from nearly every corner of the world to begin their journey.

Following, the triangle carries tourists south-east to Agra, the residence of the world-famous Taj Mahal, before traveling west to Jaipur, the historic capital of Rajasthan.

The entire distance between each town averages almost 240 km per leg, ensuring that travel time is relatively low while also containing a vast range of draws and sights.

Of course, the classic route has many incredible opportunities for additions and extensions, especially in the western part, where you can explore more Rajasthan than only Jaipur before returning to Delhi. Book your Golden Triangle tours from Delhi.

How to Travel the Golden Triangle?

The Golden Triangle is one of the most specific itineraries to visit during India tours.

We have periodic trips taking tourists to the highlights, and if youre seeking to enjoy a small piece of the country without any hassles, this is an amazing way to encounter it.

Independent visitors will also discover it easy to tour the route, and between each tour, there are fast, comfortable buses and regular high-speed trains.

From Delhi to Agra, the speediest trains take just about two hours, while trains from Agra to the Pink City take 4-hours, and from Jaipur to Delhi, also 4-hours relying on the train.

Public transport is regular and in-expensive and when in the country, its all part of the experience.

Relying on any additional destinations, you desire to add to the fantastic itinerary. Most visitors will complete the three prior cities in a minimum of a week. Ideal for people with a limited period to spend in India.

To slow down a little, 10 to 12 days of the trip will offer you the opportunity to take all in and add in some other places too. You can also book your Golden Triangle tours from Delhi, as per your preferences.

When to Travel the Golden Triangle?

This northern part of the country enjoys warm weather throughout the year, with scorching summers that can be bossy. Rajasthan is desert-like and arid, and theres little rainfall annually.

The short monsoon comes between June to September, and you can expect extensive downpours and humid weather. Most of the route is still accessible throughout the monsoon time, though.

You will see lower prices, and the draws are more silent too, so it can be an exciting time to encounter the Golden Triangle tours of India.

The most active time of year to tour the Golden Triangle course is from November to March.

The weather is at its best throughout the wintertime, with no rain and no humidity. You will discover costs are highest, transportation will be busy, and the most famous vistas, particularly the Taj, are always packed. Book India tours packages from Pioneer Holidays for a relaxed holiday.

Best Destinations On the Golden Triangle of India


Delhi is the primary destination for most tourists getting on the Golden Triangle India tours. It has great air links to global destinations, making it a fantastic spot to fly in and out, while the town itself can be a great beginning and endpoint for your experience.

Begin by taking a journey to the Red Fort, among Indias most iconic places. Next, call in at the Qutab Minar, Lotus temple, India gate, Swaminarayan temple, National Museum, and the beautiful, green Lodhi Gardens to escape the chaos.

Engage yourself in the dilapidated lanes of Old Delhi, and enjoy the beginning of your Golden Triangle tour experience by leaping directly into the bustling and loud markets and bazaars of the National capital.


Agra is famous as the home of the incredible Taj Mahal, but the second destination on the Golden Triangle tours doesnt just circle around the grand sight. There is much more to the city that satisfies the eye.

It is among the oldest towns in the country and was the capital of the Mughal Empire that led the north for a prolonged time. Begin your initial day in Agra by seeing the iconic Taj Mahal.

Beat the hordes and reach here early as this lovely mausoleum is a reason in itself to tour the country. Move over the river to the gardens on the opposite bank when it gets busier.

Head over at the stunning Agra Fort, encounter more mausoleums and tombs and take a short journey down the road to the ruined old capital of Fatehpur Sikri to witness the left traces of a collapsed empire.


Jaipur is the third classic piece of the Golden Triangle, and it is the capital of Rajasthan. This historic city is referred to more often by residents and visitors alike as the Pink City due to the rich and bright palaces, buildings, and forts found here.

The Pink city is where the desert really starts, and the eternal, dusty, yet strangely thrilling terrains you will witness on your trip from Agra are worth the tour in itself.

The city is famous for its stunning architecture, and the primary site to visit when reaching Jaipur is the picturesque Amer Fort. This castle stands over the most major hill in the area, offering vistas for miles over the desert and the city.

Some other sites to witness are Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, etc.