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Top 15 Nature Resorts Near Delhi for Long Weekend Holiday

31 Mar, 2024

Living in a bustling metro like Delhi, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the crowds, chaos and pollution. A long weekend is the perfect time to escape the city grind and reconnect with nature by heading to a scenic nature resort nearby.

From lush forests to serene lakesides to majestic Himalayan peaks, there are so many tranquil havens just beyond Delhi for relaxation, adventure and wildlife encounters.

Top 15 Eco-Friendly Resorts Near Delhi for an Idyllic Long Weekend Holiday

1. Tree of Life Resort, Jaipur

Nested amid the Aravalli Hills, Tree of Life Resort is a luxurious nature escape featuring plush cottages and suites with gorgeous views of the surrounding forests and wilderness.

Spend days embarking on jungle safaris to Ranthambore National Park, just 3 hours from Delhi.

Here you can go on wildlife spotting excursions, hoping to see majestic Bengal tigers, as well as leopards, nilgai, wild boar, hyenas and over 300 bird species roaming the landscape.

Or stay put at the resort itself to leisurely stroll through the lovely manicured gardens, unwind by the outdoor pool overlooking the hills, relish farm-to-table organic meals, and indulge in rejuvenating Ayurvedic spa treatments.

With its lavish accommodations amid a stunning natural setting, the Tree of Life Resort promises a sanctuary to decompress from city life.

Take meditative nature walks, practice yoga on the observation tower overlooking the Aravallis, or simply relax in a hammock on your private porch spying colourful tropical birds flitting by.

2. Surjiva Resort, Ranakpur

For the best nature getaways and long weekend experience, head to the picturesque organic farm stay Surjiva Resort near Ranakpur in Rajasthan.

Wake up in charming eco-friendly cottages to mist-covered rural vistas, and spend your days immersed in traditional village life.

Milk cows at dawn, help harvest seasonal crops from the fields and take leisurely bullock cart rides past mud huts and granite peaks.

The resort prides itself on sustainability, with initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar heating and local employment.

The vegetarian dishes made from freshly grown indigenous crops are a highlight, as well as hikes to scenic lookouts like the 9th century Mahavira Jain temple.

With its tranquil village setting and abundant natural beauty, Surjiva Resort offers the ultimate peaceful retreat into rural India.

3. Neemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana

History meets comfort and beauty at Neemrana Fort Palace, a restored 15th-century hill fort overlooking the majestic Aravalli mountains. Just 2.5 hours from Delhi, it makes for a quick getaway to explore this architectural marvel.

Wander through ancient fortified walls, palaces, temples, gardens and ruins. Take in sweeping views of the surrounding wilderness from vista points around the fort complex.

Indulge in delectable restaurant meals served on valley-view terraces. Or try adventurous activities like zip-lining across the fort ramparts for a rush of excitement.

With its old-world grandeur and gorgeous natural locale in the Aravalli foothills, Neemrana Fort Palace provides a uniquely memorable long weekend holiday, especially for history buffs.

One of the luxury nature resorts, the fort exudes vintage charm through its jharokha balconies, intricate carvings, ruined citadel remains and majestic ramparts.

Spend evenings strolling down lantern-lit corridors, imaging tales of warring dynasties, Mughal conquerors and Rajput warriors all housed here over the centuries.

4. Aamod at Shoghi, Shimla

If Himalayan scenery and crisp mountain air call your name, make your way up to Aamod at Shoghi, a nature resort nestled 4,000 feet up in Shoghis pine forest near Shimla.

Just 9 hours from Delhi, it transports you into an idyllic hill country of oak, rhododendron and deodar trees with sweeping views of snow-capped peaks. Unwind in contemporary cottages surrounded by vibrant flower gardens and orchards.

Relax your mind and body with rejuvenating Ayurvedic spa treatments using all-natural oils, herbs and techniques.

Embark on guided nature trails through the woods nearby dotted with charming hamlets. Watch colourful birds like Himalayan monals and flycatchers flit across the landscape.

Sign up for a day excursion to spots around Shimla like Jakhu Temple or Kufris mountain zoo and ski slopes.

At the resort itself, lounge by the large outdoor pool gazing up at majestic Himalayan vistas, letting your stress and worries float away. With its pampering amenities and pristine natural setting, Aamod provides the perfect woodland escape in the northern hills.

5. The Lakeview Retreat, Jim Corbett

If getting up close to the wilderness excites you, make your way just 6 hours from Delhi into Jim Corbett National Park at The Lakeview Retreat.

This nature resort is fringed by the Bijrani forest range of the park, with cozy cottages boasting a scintillating view across the Corbett reservoirs beautiful waters.

Your days here will fill with guided jeep safaris deep into areas of the reserve kept exclusively for guests of certain hotels.

Venture through sal trees and elephant grasslands hoping to spot Corbetts famous Bengal tigers out on the prowl, along with elephants, leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles and more.

Return to the resort in the evenings to relax amid nature, watching brilliant sunsets over the lake from your private sitout. Join in leisurely nature walks through nearby mango orchards and farmlands accompanied by naturalists.

Try your hand at angling for mahseer or rohu fish in the Kosi River. Witness an astonishing array of migratory birds flocking around the reservoir like egrets, flycatchers and kingfishers.

Let the resort chefs prepare you a delicious barbecue dinner followed by toasting marshmallows around a bonfire under starlit skies.

With its wilderness locale and range of nature activities, Lakeview Retreat promises an unforgettable long weekend filled with sights, sounds and experiences found nowhere else.

6. Lebua Corbett, Ramnagar

For pure wildlife luxury, Lebua Corbett offers 5-star indulgence on the edge of Jim Corbett Park without compromising its natural beauty.

This exclusive resort features extravagant suites with private balconies showcasing sweeping vistas of either the forests or the Kosi River.

Days here will be spent on private jeep safaris into parts of the reserve off-limits to regular tourists.

Expert naturalists will guide you to the best spots to see majestic tigers, along with elephants, endangered gharials, Himalayan black bears and 300 species of exotic birds.

Return from thrilling safaris to unwind by the riverside infinity pool or indulge in relaxing spa therapies.

Savour gourmet meals at the glamorous restaurants overlooking Kosis scenic waters. Raise a toast at the elegant bar with hill views all around.

Let the luxury and wilderness atmosphere recharge you fully to take on your high-powered city life rejuvenated when you return. With its mix of extravagance and nature, Lebua Corbett makes for an unforgettable long weekend retreat.

7. Fragrant Nature, Kodaikanal

Nestled on the cliffs of Kodaikanals Moir Point, Fragrant Nature Resort faces the protected Mannavanur forest, making it a perfect getaway for nature lovers.

Kodaikanals panoramic hill station locale, just 16 hours from Delhi, promises pleasant weather year-round.

From the resort, set off on scenic guided walks through the woods and hills to go birdwatching for exotic species like laughing thrushes, flycatchers and flowerpeckers.

Gaze out at stunning vistas of the Tamil Nadu valley, framed by the Western Ghats. Sign up for informative nature tours into the forest to spot wild bison, boar, snakes and more.

The resorts pretty independent cottages, contemporary restaurant and tranquillity of the surrounding woods and hills ensure a peaceful weekend retreat.

Get Ayurvedic treatments at the spa tucked away amidst gardens. Take leisurely walks through the large fruit orchards filled with guava, starfruit and jackfruit.

With forest on one side and valley views on the other, Fragrant Nature offers easy rejuvenation through its gorgeous locale where natures beauty shines.

8. The Den Corbett, Garjia

For an ultra-luxurious glamping experience alongside Corbetts wilderness, make your way 2.5 hours from Delhi to The Den Corbett.

This exclusive resort contains just 12 cottages and suites embedded right within the Corbett Tiger Reserve forest along the famed Kosi River.

The resort sits on the grounds of a former British sahibs mansion, lending it old-world colonial charm.

Spend sunny days embarking on guided jungle treks and open-jeep safaris organized by expert naturalists, venturing deep into parts of the reserve tourists rarely access. Search for the stripey flash of a tiger stalking through the tall elephant grass.

Listen for the trumpeting of wild elephants by the river. Spy sambar deer foraging quietly by moonlight on night safaris.

Retire to the resort to relax in the infinity pool overlooking the Kosi, then get pampering spa treatments.

Relish gourmet meals of local flavours served outdoors under the stars, followed by reminiscing around a campfire.

The Dens untouched forest setting allows you to fully immerse in the sights, scents and sounds of the wilderness, making it a one-of-a-kind nature escape like no other.

9. The Roseate Ganges, Rishikesh

For Himalayan views, fresh Ganges riverside air and adrenaline, make your way just 6 hours from Delhi to Rishikesh for a long weekend stay at The Roseate Ganges.

This lavish resort features elegant cottages and villas overlooking the tranquil holy waters of the Ganges nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Start your days practising yoga and meditation on the resorts riverside deck, surrounded by misty hilltops. Head out to nearby ashrams, temples and cafes in the yoga capital of Rishikesh.

Go white water rafting on the thrilling Ganga rapids for an adrenaline rush. Return to unwind beside the infinity pool and open-air lounge overlooking the flower-filled gardens leading down to the river.

In the evenings, indulge in market-fresh global cuisine and live classical music performances on the alfresco terrace under starlit Himalayan night skies.

With its mix of nature, adventure, luxury and spirituality, The Roseate Ganges makes for a revitalizing holiday, leaving you feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated.

10. Dune Eco Village & Spa, Pondicherry

For a peaceful Tamil Nadu getaway filled with South Indian heritage and nature, Dune Eco Village outside Pondicherry fits the bill, just a 24 hour train journey from Delhi.

Styled like a traditional Tamil fishing village, Dunes charming thatched roof huts are dotted around verdant gardens filled with flowers and birds.

Spend days at this sustainably built resort cycling on scenic trails past paddy fields and temples, stargazing under clear night skies, wandering through vegetable and herb gardens, and taking relaxing cooking classes.

Get pampering Ayurvedic spa treatments using all-natural oils and herbs. Sign up for excursions into the vibrant, artistic town of Pondicherry and nearby Auroville to explore their colonial French and Tamil heritage.

Dune Eco Villages commitment to nature conservation, organic agriculture and community development ensures an eco-friendly stay.

The thatched cottages with oak furnishings, vegetarian dishes made from farm ingredients, and the quietude of the lush gardens and farms create a sanctuary where you can de-stress. Its the perfect place to experience Tamil Nadus rich culture and village life in tune with nature.

11. Shahpura Bagh, Jaipur

Just 4 hours from Delhi lies Shahpura Bagh, a boutique heritage hotel on the outskirts of Jaipur that blends Rajasthani palace flair with contemporary comforts. This former royal retreat is surrounded by blooming gardens dotted with stone pavilions, lake-side gazebos, and arched walkways that invite leisurely strolls.

Spend mornings admiring the pink city of Jaipur and its wealth of historic forts, palaces, bazaars and handicrafts. Visit highlights like the splendid Amber Palace-Fortress and Hawa Mahal observatory.

Return to the hotel by afternoon to relax poolside under the sun, get a pampering massage, or wander through fragrant rose and bougainvillaea gardens.

In the evenings, relish aromatic Rajasthani curries and grills on candle-lit terraces, before retiring to your luxurious room embellished with vintage furnishings and artwork.

Shahpura Baghs peaceful environs, fresh country air and exotic birds singing in the trees make it the perfect nature getaway to experience royal Rajasthani living along with warm countryside hospitality.

12. Thai Village Resort, Bhimtal

Nestled amid the lush Kumaon hills lies Thai Village Resort, a unique nature stay modelled after a Thai tropical village overlooking the scenic Lake Nal Dam in Bhimtal.

Just 8 hours from Delhi, its stilted cottages and villas feature vibrant interiors, with the spa and dining spaces surrounded by lush flowers, ferns and fruit trees.

Spend sunny days going boating on the lake, cycling on village trails, visiting fruit orchards, and strolling through forests filled with oak, pine and rhododendron.

Get relaxing Thai ayurvedic massages and treatments using aromatic herbs and spices. Dine on delicately spiced Thai curries and noodles, with ingredients sourced from local farms.

With its tranquillity, sweeping lake panoramas and Kumaon village neighbourhood, Thai Village Resort promises a serene Himalayan retreat, letting you experience exotic Asian hospitality amid Indias gorgeous mountains.

13. Aalayam Resort, Shivpuri

Nestled on 16 acres bordering the Shivpuri National Park forest along the Jumna River, Aalayam Resort combines nature, luxury and adventure. Just 4 hours from Delhi, its elegant stone and wood cottages blend seamlessly with the surrounding woods and granite cliffs.

Embark on guided safaris into Shivpuri Reserve to spot wildlife like spotted deer, languor monkeys, peacocks and leopards.

Sign up for half-day rafting excursions along the thrilling Jumna rapids. Visit nearby historic forts nestled atop hills with sweeping vistas of the Doon Valley. Back at the resort, lounge by the scenic infinity pool overlooking the river.

Pamper yourself at the open-air spa surrounded by mango trees, or embark on leisurely walks through nearby villages. With its array of activities amid jaw-dropping scenery, Aalayam Resort promises an action-packed yet peaceful getaway.

14. Leona Resort, Siliguri

For pristine views of Eastern Himalayan forests and peaks, Leona Resort outside Siliguri offers the ideal nature escape just 16 hours from Delhi.

This boutique resort is ensconced within thick Sal tree forests, with contemporary glass-walled cottages seeming to float among the greenery providing 270-degree forested panoramas from within.

Your days at Leona will be filled with scenic drives past tea estates to hill stations like Darjeeling, visits to nearby wildlife sanctuaries to spot wild elephants and exotic birds, day hikes through ridges and valleys densely cloaked in oak and pine, and leisurely nature walks within the resorts own dense forest.

Return in the evenings for gourmet BBQ dinners around crackling bonfires under starry night skies. With its untouched and unspoiled wilderness setting, Leona Resort promises you a long weekend of pure forest magic unlike anywhere else.

15. Tiger Groove Resort, Ranthambore

Last but not least, Tiger Groove Resort adjoins Ranthambore National Park, providing front-row seats to one of Indias top wildlife and tiger reserves just 5 hours from Delhi.

The resorts lavish canvas safari tents, outdoor dining spaces and pool decks are seamlessly tucked into nature, separated from the park only by the Aravalli Bisalpur Range.

Embark on thrilling open-jeep jungle safaris organized by knowledgeable naturalists, venturing deep inside the parks zones searching for the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger and other wildlife.

Wake at dawn to catch glimpses of sambar, langurs, exotic birds, and maybe, if youre lucky, tigers drinking from a watering hole. Return to resort to relish market-fresh meals, get massages, and lounge by the pool before heading out again for afternoon safaris.

Spend evenings around crackling bonfires swapping stories of sightings with other guests. Dine outdoors under star-studded skies, serenaded by calls of langurs and peafowl.

With its plush amenities and wild backdrop, Tiger Groove provides nature luxury at its best, for an unforgettable long weekend at one of Indias premier wildlife parks.

No matter whether you seek mountains or forest, desert or jungle, Delhis proximity to so much diverse natural beauty makes it easy to plan quick rejuvenating getaways.